Enerjisa Enerji launches the ‘Green Energy’ transformation with Sabancı Holding, Sabancı University and Teknosa

Developing solutions that enhance the consumption of renewable energy with efficiency and conservation-oriented products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business and attaching importance to the sustainability goals of its customers, Enerjisa Enerji signed an agreement with Sabancı Holding, Sabancı University and Teknosa to consume "Green Energy". Thanks to this partnership, in 2022, these three organisations will consume 25,425 MWh energy, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 8,475 households, from renewable energy resources and prevent a total of 14,110 tons of CO2 emissions.


With Sabancı Holding and E.ON SE as the main shareholders, Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in electricity distribution and retail, 20 of which is publicly traded, offers solutions that enable its customers to save energy with its environmentally-friendly and renewable energy-based products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business. Accordingly, Enerjisa Enerji signed a significant collaboration agreement to provide 100 "Green Energy" to Sabancı Holding, Sabancı University and Teknosa and contribute to the conservation of nature. 


As part of this collaboration, Sabancı Holding and Sabancı University will be supplied all of the energy they consume and Teknosa will be supplied the energy in all stores and campuses where Enerjisa is the energy supplier from renewable resources. With this agreement, companies will not only encourage the consumption from the clean energy resources in general areas, but also contribute to strengthening our country's uninterrupted access to energy and resource diversification; hence, ensuring supply security.


Sabancı Holding to get its entire energy of approximately 11,000 MWh from renewable energy resources

Bringing together the innovative products offered under the umbrella of the Energy of My Business with Sabancı Holding, which considers sustainability among its strategic priorities, Enerjisa Enerji supports the Holding's consumption of renewable energy. As part of the agreement, Sabancı Holding will be supplied the entire energy expected to be required in 2022, which is approximately 11,000 MWh, from renewable energy resources. At Sabancı Group, the sustainability mentality spreads from the Holding to its group companies, helping to sustain the value created by the Group for its stakeholders in various fields, especially the economic value, in the long term. 


Sabancı Holding to be supplied approximately 5,980 MWh electrical energy from renewable energy resources

Established with the goal to become a "Global University" in Turkey and adopting the mentality to "create and develop together" as its mission, Sabancı University will be supplied all of the energy that the university consumes from the grid from renewable energy resources, as a result of the Green Energy Agreement signed by and between the university and Enerjisa Enerji. Accordingly, in 2022, the university will be supplied approximately 5,980 MWh electrical energy from renewable energy resources. The Tuzla Campus of the university, which is considered as an example by several universities in Turkey and abroad, also has a Solar Power Plant and a Cogeneration system, which were built together with Enerjisa and meet 60 of its total electricity requirement. 


Sabancı University Tuzla campus houses more than 170,000 plants and a natural pond and converts all its energy consumption into 100 green energy with the conservation achieved by generating its own energy.


Teknosa to be supplied 8,505 MWh energy from Green Energy 

Enerjisa Enerji and Teknosa, the leading brand in technology retailing and e-commerce in Turkey, which have recently achieved a LED lighting conversion together, has entered into another significant collaboration by adopting an environmentally-friendly approach. Furthermore, Teknosa begins consuming 100 Green Energy in its buildings and stores. Teknosa, which will meet all of the 8,505 MWh energy requirement expected to be consumed in 2022, from Green Energy. Whilst the Company takes steps in sustainability, it also constantly improves its customer experience. 


Innovative and environmentally-friendly projects with high energy conservation thanks to Energy of My Business

Developing innovative solutions that enable its customers to save energy and increase the consumption of renewable energy with the products offered under the Energy of My Business, Enerjisa Enerji attaches importance to the sustainability goals of its customers and continues its activities for a greener world. 


With the solutions offered as part of Energy of My Business, besides electricity supply, sustainability service is provided in various fields, including solar energy systems, LED lighting conversions, energy efficiency practices, electric vehicle charging station management and green energy certification, to facilitate the operations of institutions and organisations providing service in industry, public services, tourism and health sectors. 

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