Gyroscopic Bus as Elevated Passenger Pickup Drive APK Mod Money Download

Gyroscopic Bus as Elevated Passenger Pickup Drive APK Mod Money Download

Application Name: Gyroscopic Bus as Elevated Passenger Pickup Drive
Application Category: Simulation
Application Total Upload: 10 – 50
Application Last Update Date: 2 November 2017
Application Producer: Firebolt Studio
Application Required version of Android: 2.3 and up

Application explanation: Flying bus drivers its passenger pickup time! Step into new public transport service & high tech transit bus as real driver & guide it through city route between mega buildings. If you want to drive a flying car in blocked city traffic? Futuristic flying bus driving is best for you while you sit in cockpit & take modern bus to be dropping passengers. Gyroscopic elevated Bus is next generation flying vehicle designed to straddle with glass floor above the heavy jammed traffic in transit city .. Which has motorbikes & sports car packed in downtown metro.

An advanced passenger taxi simulator .. As futuristic public transport coach. The modern bus coach is to pick and drop off the road passengers & city tourists to their final destinations. Learn to drive & control the latest gyro bus above road traffic of the urban city in this futuristic fly wheel simulator game 2k18 -The double decker public transport is electric or solar vehicle, so no need to refuel from petrol & gas stations.

Sit in cockpit to be expert pilot. Fly driver you have to learn road & air traffic rules of the blocky city simulator & test your driving skills in busy city streets. As a public driver of elevated bus you can drive above traffic rush without collision to reach destination on time. This modern gyro scopic bus drives 12 feet above ground level & designed for fast paced world to counter the problem of heavy traffic jams and for public transport.

Get a real elevated bus driving challenge with your fast and furious driving skills and compete the entire traffic rivals of urban city with your adventurous flight &crazy driving. You can choose elevated train or car fly wheel in this simulation game. The futuristic gyroscopic bus service has a fixed route and track, and its passenger’s compartment widths the width of two traffic lanes. Enjoy different modern bus coach models and get it on the jammed roads of transit city bus driving simulator. The futuristic gyro bus driving simulator will provide you different routes with amazing environments in different levels. Enjoy floating bus in the air & have ride on urban city futuristic bus to overcome the problem of heavy traffic jams.

Gyroscopic elevated Bus City Coach Game Features:

• Gyro scope electrically & Solar
• Modern coach bus driving simulator
• Exciting gameplay & 3D gam views
• Impossible transit bus driving
• Multiple city coach driving in mega sky scrapers
• Futuristic flying bus game
• Pickup & dropping off of elevated passengers

Gyroscopic Bus as Elevated Passenger Pickup is best new kind of racing track several feet above so enjoy amazing experience with no devastating crash.

apk download
apk download

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